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Competitions and Events

Throughout the year we organise participation in off-site competitions and events.  The children are able to sign up for these activities and will be given a confirmation and permission slip if they are selected.  We also require parent helpers and people to help with transport on occasion.

We have some excellent opportunities arranged for Football, Hockey, Athletics, Rugby, Cross country, Tag rugby and cricket throughout the year.


Participation rates

  • 142 chn have taken part in a sporting event this academic year!
  • 84 chn have taken part in a sporting event this term (up to 28th Feb)
  • We have taken part in 31 competitions this academic year (up to 28th Feb)!

Competition Fixture List




Previous Years' match reports

Match report - Hillside Cup Match Report - 28th June 2016

Match report - Kwik Cricket - 28th June 2016

Match report - Quad Kids - June 10th 2016

Match report - Football May 20th 2016

***Match report for year 3/4 Kwik Cricket (May 2016) ***